Fender Bender

The Spectrum Collision Repair Center provides professional fender and bumper repair services in Mobile, AL.

If your vehicle has been involved in a minor fender bender, we can quickly and professionally repair your vehicle back to factory condition. Simply bring your vehicle in to Spectrum Collision for a quick, professional estimate, or bring us the copy of the estimate the insurance company provided you.

We know accidents happen from that mailbox that showed up out of nowhere, or of that tree that sprung up !We can professionally match your  paint job for a flawless repair.


Frame Repair

Hidden Damage and  Frame Damage are Match for Spectrum Collision!

Here at Spectrum Collision ,we have all the latest tools, and years of experience to properly find frame , or unibody,  damage ,and repair it to factory specifications. Laser alignment, computerized frame straightening ,and the skills of  over 50 years,   provide your car’s structure the  most  reliable  care for repair. An improperly repaired frame or unibody can lead to improper tire wear, poor alignments, and most importantly, effect the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Trust the experts at Spectrum to repair it right the first time!



Door Dings Hail Damage and other small dings and Dents are no challenge for the Spectrum Collision Center.


Our Professionals are experts in the art of removing those pesky little dents that diminish your car’s value! We can remove most small dents  without having to paint your car, keeping the original paint and restore your car back to full value.

We have staff on hand to evaluate the damage,  prepare an estimate, and process any insurance claims that you may have.


Automobile accidents or breakdowns can happen anytime and anywhere often when least expected.

Fortunately there is a simple solution: Spectrum Towing …Just one quick call to our 24 hour phone number  is all that it takes to get your car picked up, repaired, and  back on the road quickly and safely.

Be ready in case of an accident or breakdown, add our number (251) 342-0005 to your contacts list so we will always be there if you need us!Our tow truck operators are well trained in the proper way to tow your vehicle  safely. Today’s Cars and Trucks  are more advanced then they used to be, so towing a car needs to be done by a knowledgeable professional. So, when we pick up your vehicle, rest assured it will be towed properly without damage.

Our drivers are very courteous and trustworthy. They are willing to assist you in any way they can to ease the stress of the situation you are in.